Credits: 5

Schedule: 24.02.2020 - 29.05.2020

Teacher in charge (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Merja Penttilä

Teaching Period (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 


Learning Outcomes (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

The student is able to:
1. describe the motivation for synthetic biology as a development in the technical use of biology
2. demonstrate aspects of biotechnology that currently pose limitations for its industrial use and to analyze how synthetic biology can be applied as a solution.
3. apply the concepts of synthetic biology for the design of biological systems.
4. list current research questions in the field.

Content (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Terminology and concepts of synthetic biology. Examples of applications of synthetic biology for industrial use. Engineering principles for parts and devices. Use of computational methods. The concept of microbial chemical factories. Analysis of future needs for biological production. Re-design of biological pathways. Applying skills in biosciences, physics, and chemistry for solving scientific, technological, medical and environmental problems.

Assessment Methods and Criteria (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Lectures and assignments. Group work and student presentations. Exam.

Workload (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Total 135 h = 5cr
Lectures 24 h
Assignments 24 h
Other independent studying 83 h
Exam 4 h

Study Material (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

To be announced later

Course Homepage (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020):

Grading Scale (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Fail, 1 – 5 grading is based on assignments and exam

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