Please note! Course description is confirmed for two academic years, which means that in general, e.g. Learning outcomes, assessment methods and key content stays unchanged. However, via course syllabus, it is possible to specify or change the course execution in each realization of the course, such as how the contact sessions are organized, assessment methods weighted or materials used.


Credits: 5

Schedule: 13.04.2020 - 22.05.2020

Teacher in charge (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022): Mathias Groth, Peter Lund

Teacher in charge (applies in this implementation): Peter Lund

Contact information for the course (valid 25.03.2020-21.12.2112): 

CEFR level (applies in this implementation):

Language of instruction and studies (valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022):

Teaching language: English

Languages of study attainment: English


  • Valid 01.08.2020-31.07.2022:

    Special course whose topic changes yearly; given possibly by a guest lecturer.

  • Applies in this implementation:

    Climate change is the most pressing challenge of our time. Learn more about the science behind it, ponder your own relationship to it and how it connects to your study field, and discuss the topic with other students in multidisciplinary groups on Aalto course. The course is open for all students of Aalto!
    The course will assess the scientific foundations of climate change, its effects, mitigation and adaptation to the change. During the course students will reflect how climate change is related to their own field of study, and how everyone can be part of the transformation to sustainable, low-carbon society. This time also social psychological questions related to climate change will be considered and relations between climate crisis and corona crisis will be reflected. Course consists of independent study, online group work in multidisciplinary groups, a project work and writing a learning diary. We also use an online climate game En-Roads to simulate the actions for mitigating climate change.


    The course can be taken as full 5 ECTS-credit course (learning diary, including project work) or as smaller 3 ECTS-credit course (learning diary, no project work). 

    All Aalto students, despite the field of study, from candidate level to doctoral students are welcome to the course.

    Study material: "Climate.Now" web-based MOOC learning material (developed by Finnish universities and Sitra). Available both in Finnish and English.

    Work methods: Online lectures, self-study of the online MOOC material, group work in multidisciplinary teams, online game exercise (En-Roads), and learning diary. Evaluation is based on project work, learning diary and returned MOOC multiple choice certificate.

    Course language: MOOC material is available both in Finnish and in English. Learning diary can be written either in Finnish or English, according to student's own choice. The course communication language is English.

Assessment Methods and Criteria
  • Applies in this implementation:

    Evaluation is based on the learning diary (75 %) and En-Roads Assignment (25 %) (3 ECTS course), or on the learning diary (50 %), En-Roads Assignment (25 %), and the group project work (25 %) (5 ECTS course). MOOC multiple choice certificate is required for both 3 and 5 ECTS course versions.


Study Material
  • Applies in this implementation: MOOC

    In English:

    In Finnish:

    To access the material, make a user account to the MOOC site. You can also login with Aalto user name using HAKA login. After logging in, go to the ‘Course Dashboard’ (in Finnish: ‘Kurssin koontinäyttö’) and click ‘Enrol me to this course as a student’. Then you have rights to answer the multiple choice questions and get the certificate after completing those. 

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals

    7 Affordable and Clean Energy

    13 Climate Action


Details on the schedule
  • Applies in this implementation:

    Online lectures (via 14.4.-19.5.:

    Tuesdays 12-14

    Thursdays 14-16

    Last course lecture time: Wed 20.5. Project work presentations