Contact information for the implementation:
In this field, enter instructions on how and when a student can contact the staff of the course implementation.
Elaboration of the assessment criteria and methods, and acquainting students with the evaluation:
You can use this field to indicate which assignments and tasks the assessment is based on and how the learning is measured, or for example describe the weight given to the different assignments in the overall assessment as percentages.
Also give instructions on how students can obtain information about the application of assessment criteria to their study attainment.
Details on the course implementation content:
This field is for example suitable for the ‘Should know’ and ‘Nice to know’ aspects of the course content.
Details on the workload:
Here, you can describe the workload of the course in more detail. For example, list the numbers of hours that different forms of contact teaching and independent work will require of students. Another option is to enter the recommended number of hours that the students are expected to devote to your course each week, such as a requirement for students to familiarise themselves with upcoming themes in the coursebook.
The following information may be included in the course syllabus. This is information that you may edit during the course.
Details on the course materials:
Use this field to provide further information about the study materials described in the course description.
If you want the study material to be available at the Learning Centre for the students, you must notify the Learning Centre a minimum of 8 weeks before the course begins to give them time to acquire the material.
Details on the implementation schedule:
List the course components and assignments that the students need to complete, and their schedule. For example, an outline of the lectures. However, do not use this field to give assignments or instructions on how to submit them. You may include a table that describes the weekly topics, potential guest lecturers, coursebook chapters or other assignments.
Please note that all timetable information (lecture times and locations) is transferred here automatically from Sisu.
Further information on the implementation: