Credits: 5

Schedule: 26.10.2015 - 04.12.2015

Teaching Period (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

II 2018-2019 (autumn)



Learning Outcomes (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

1. Can describe the main features of the physiological, physical and chemical background to the most common bioelectrical phenomena.

2. Can model and analyze these phenomena using a computer.

3. Can describe the structure and operating principle of some of the most common diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

4. Can identify interference factors and their coupling mechanisms and explain solutions for shielding against the effects of interference.


Content (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Medical diagnostics and therapy equipment, their construction and functions. Modelling and analysis of bioelectrical phenomena. Measurement and processing of bioelectrical signals.

Assessment Methods and Criteria (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Lectures, exercises and group work.



Workload (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Contact hours 20: Weekly lectures and exercises, and group work seminar.

Attendance in lectures and exercises is not compulsory.

Self supported and group study 113: Weekly exercises, and group work

Study Material (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Lecture and exercise material.


Substitutes for Courses (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 


Course Homepage (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020):

Prerequisites (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Basic courses in mathematics and physics.



Grading Scale (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 


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Further Information (valid 01.08.2018-31.07.2020): 

Language class 3: English