• Changemakers is a pop-up course

    Changemakers is a "pop up” personal development workshop course by Aalto Ventures Program. It's a great opportunity to get in more touch with your own interests and passions and providing initial directional guidance as to how best to leverage your talents going forward. You can join a Changemakers session for credit (1ECTS) or just for yourself.

    Please note, that only the students taking Changemakers for credit are counted by the university. The more there are students receiveing credits from the course, the better case we have for putting resources into this course also in the future.

    Changemakers is typically offered in each teaching period.

    Teaching in Period IV 2016
    The next Changemakers sessions will be on Fri 18.3.2016 and on Fri 25.3.2016. Sessions will take place in Tongji Lounge, AVP Space, Otaniementie 17 (TUAS building).

    To participate in the one session course you need:

    1. Sign up (doodle) for one session only
    2. Send your curriculum vitae IN ADVANCE to peter.kelly@aalto.fi
    3. Details of how to complete the credit requirements will be provided on the day

    For all questions contact
    Peter Kelly
    Professor of Practice
    High Growth Entrepreneurship Aalto Ventures Program