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    To innovate, to learn from yourself, to team up, to become an expert

    This course introduces you to the work life waiting for you ahead.
    This is a safe environment to practice skills needed at work place.
    This a place for you to understand who are you
    and how you work as a part of a team.
    This is a place for innovation, for enthusiasm
    This is a place to take the responsibility of your actions.
    We are just the guides.

    Annukka, Markus and Petteri

    Course information

    This course is compiled with 2 parts:
    - Workshops with personal reflection
    that support your personal growth to an expert on your field and
    - Innovation project
    that combines everything you have been taught so far

    The projects will be presented at various locations:
    - The best SMP projects at International seminar in Trondheim (23-25.11)
    - EMC + rest SMP projects at an audience of professors (1.12 from 9-11)