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    The course gives an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems, explains how intelligent systems are built, and covers core AI at the technical level, including state-space search, automated reasoning and constraints programming, sequential decision-making, uncertainty, decision-making in adversarial environments (games, game-tree search).

    After the course, the student can relate different subtopics of AI, understands central principles of the fundamental AI methods and the general architecture of intelligent systems, and can translate real-world AI problems into practical implementations.

    Lectures are on Thursdays at 12:15-14:00 in lecture hall T1.

    Prerequisites: An understanding of the basics of the propositional logic is assumed. The course CS-E3200 Discrete Models and Search can be taken simultaneously with this course, to provide the required prerequisites (the prerequisites are covered in the first couple of lectures of CS-E3200).

    Lecturer: Jussi Rintanen (room TC311)

    Topics covered:

    • Model-based and symbolic AI (versus model-free and non-symbolic AI)
    • Architecture of intelligent systems
    • Tree and graph search algorithms (depth-first, breadth-first, A*, WA*, best-first)
    • Problem solving by constraint satisfaction and logic
    • Planning and state-space search
    • Uncertainty in decision making, decision theory, multi-armed bandits
    • Sequential decision making, Markov decision processes, reinforcement learning
    • Adversarial search, multi-agent systems, game-theory
    • Applications: intelligent systems, automated software and system synthesis

    In Finnish: CS-E4800 Tekoäly on johdatus tekoälyyn ja älykkäisiin järjestelmiin, selittää kuinka älykkäitä järjestelmiä rakennetaan, ja käy läpi keskeisiä tekoälytekniikoita, mukaanlukien tila-avaruushaku, automaattinen päättely ja rajoiteohjelmointi, päätöksenteko, epävarmuus, päätöksenteko kilpailutilanteissa (pelit, pelipuuhaku.)