• Course Overview

    Note: The course starts on Monday 12th September at 10:15 in AS1 (in TUAS-building). Remember to register for the course using WebOodi.
    Welcome to course!

    Course Structure

    • Lectures: Includes introduction different reseach areas and contains small exercises and groups works. Participation to lectures is mandatory.
    • Project work: Implemented for a particularly in randomly selected groups of 4-6 students
    • Individual work: In the form of individual learning reports
    Instructions for Project work and learning reports is provided in Assignments Section of this My Courses page (coming soon).

    Course Evaluation

    Group members will get a grade from the project work (40 %). Note: grade of an individual student can be downscaled if he/she is not active! Learning reports (40 %) will be evaluated individually and active participation in lectures (20 %) will also have effect the final grade. NOTE: Accepted group work, learning report and participation in lectures is required to pass the course! 

    Further Information

    For inquiries for further information on the course please contact any of the following course teachers:

    • prof. Riku Jäntti <riku.jantti@aalto.fi>
    • Course asistant Mika Nupponen <mika.nupponen@aalto.fi>