• Welcome to WAT-E1010!

    NOTE: the sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday take place in AaltoCHEM Learning Hub if not otherwise indicated in the weekly timetable available in weekly sub-pages. The places mentioned in Oodi and MyCourses calendar for those days are thus not necessarily correct. 

    Welcome to the world of water and environmental engineering! 

    Note that the main page for the three common WAT courses ('3courses') is WAT-E1020

    The assignments, material and detailed schedule for this WAT-E1010 course are available in these MyCourses pages.

    The three common courses i.e. 3courses of our new WAT Master's Programme are orange WAT-E1010, green WAT-E1020 and blue WAT-E1030 (figure above). The three courses are strongly complementary and you should therefore take all three courses simultaneously. This also means that the timetables given for the three courses in Oodi are indicative only, and the activities for the three courses are in reality mixed and also vary between different weeks. For more information, see the Weekly Structure below.  

    Together, the three courses will introduce you to our field as well as to our research group. The idea is also to get to know your fellow students, and majority of learning thus takes place in groups: the groups for WAT students are formed already during the Introductory Week (see below). Such an approach also hopefully helps us to learn to know each other, and enhances our understanding about the knowledge and skills you already have from our field. 

    This also means a full schedule and full-time studying, and we expect you to be able to participate in teaching and group work activities from Monday morning till Friday afternoon during the entire Period I.  

    QUESTIONS? Ask from Marko during the contact sessions, or send email to: wat-3courses (at) aalto.fi