• NBE-E4530 Special Course in Human Neuroscience: Human brain connectivity (Spring 2017)

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    Start date: 11.04.2017, room F175b (Otakaari 3, Espoo)

    Teaching: Lectures (4 x 4h), hands-on sprints (6 x 2h)

    Teacher: Enrico Glerean www.glerean.com, @brain_connect on twitter

    Teaching language: English

    Course content: This special course covers the current state of the art in human brain connectivity studies and practices. The student will learn how to pre-process, analyse and visualize functional brain connectivity data while gaining knowledge about brain network science and brain network anatomy in healthy and clinical populations. The course will focus on functional magnetic resonance imaging data, but the covered approaches can be applied to many other types of brain imaging data. The course will also introduce the participants to the use of open datasets such as the Human Connectome Project and the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange.

    Learning outcomes: After this course, the participant is able to

    1. List the common functional human brain networks in clinical and healthy populations.

    2. Explain methodological approaches, including their pitfalls, for assessing/estimating brain functional connectivity.

    3. Analyse and visualize brain connectivity data.

    4. Report and share results using online platforms such as github and neurovault.

    5. Critically study scientific literature and evaluate new findings on brain connectivity.

    Credits: 5 ECTS

    Teaching period: V

    Prerequisites: Statistics (NBE-E4030 or Becs-114.5501) and working skills on Matlab (or Python). Prior knowledge in brain imaging methods or neuroscience is an advantage but not mandatory.

    Level of the course: Master’s and doctoral level

    Study Material: Lecture slides, scientific articles. Book: Fornito, A., Zalesky, A., & Bullmore, E. (2016). Fundamentals of brain network analysis. Academic Press.

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    Previous information on registration: Course is limited to 20 participants, please pre-register here: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/966A723119C1C02A.par

    Aalto students who need the credits: please also register in WebOodi. Priority will be given to doctoral students and students who are finishing their master degree. Registration closes on Sunday April 2nd. Notification of acceptance will be sent on April 3rd. If you wish to amend or cancel your registration, please email enrico.glerean _at_ aalto.fi with subject NBE-E4530. Note: if you do not need the credits, but would like to attend anyway, you also must fill in the webpropol survey above. Furthermore, you will be asked to do all learning assignments as they are part of the group activities during the contact sessions and you must commit to attend at least 50% of the meetings. 

    Workload calculation




    A. Contact teaching (lectures and hands-on sessions)

    28 h

    20%  (min 5)

    B. Learning assignments* (all)

    1. Pre-task

    2. Reading

    3. Hands-on tutorials

    4. Tools for (brain-)data scientists


    *) These are tasks to be completed before and after each contact teaching session.

    36 h

    4 h
    8 h

    12 h

    12 h

    25%  (min 5)

    C. Project work

    40 h

    30% (min 10)

    D. Final essay

    30 h

    25% (min 5)


    134 h (5 ECTS)

    100% (min 25)

    Assessment Methods and Criteria: Contact teaching (20%), Assignments (25%), Project work (30%), Final essay (25%). No exam. Attendance is compulsory for at least 50% of the classes. Final short presentations of project work will happen during exam week (Mon 22 May  - Sat 27 May 2017), date will be agreed with participants.

    Grading: 1 (25%) - 5 (100%)


    NOTE: Hands on session for 27.04 has been postponed to 11.05.






    Tue 11/04/2017

    9:00-12:00 --- 13:00-14:30


    F175b Luentosali2

    Human brain networks: What and why.
    Nodes, edges, and brain graphs.

    Tue 25/04/2017

    9:00-12:00 --- 13:00-14:30


    F175b Luentosali2

    Connectivity with fMRI: from preprocessing to networks.

    Tools for resting state and task connectivity.

    Thu 27/04/2017



    F175b Luentosali2

    Hands-on session with questions and answers.

    Thu 4/05/2017

    9:00-12:00 --- 13:00-14:30


    F175b Luentosali2

    Brain network science: from theory to practice.
    Hubs, clubs, and modules.

    Thu 11/05/2017



    F175b Luentosali2

    Hands-on session with questions and answers.

    Tue 16/05/2017

    9:00-12:00 --- 13:00-14:30


    F175b Luentosali2

    Statistical connectomics.
    Null models, permutations, machine learning.

    Thu 18/05/2017



    F175b Luentosali2

    Hands-on session with questions and answers.




    F175b Luentosali2

    Final short presentations of project work