Topic outline

  • Master's programmes and their majors in the School of Science are listed on this page. When applying for thesis topic and submitting your thesis, you are asked both the namea and the code of your major subject.

    As the names of the majors are only in English, use the English names in all contexts (also in Finnish/Swedish abstracts). Similarly, use the English programme name wherever necessary for coherence.

    SCI21 Master’s Programme in Engineering Physics

    Curricula 2020-2022 / 2022-2024

    • SCI3106 Advanced Energy Technologies
    • SCI3107 Materials Physics and Quantum Technology

    Curriculum 2018-2020

    • SCI3056 Engineering Physics

    SCI22 Master's Programme in Mathematics and Operations Research

    • SCI3053 Applied Mathematics
    • SCI3054 Mathematics
    • SCI3055 Systems and Operations Research

    SCI23 Master's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management

    Curricula 2020-2022 / 2022-2024

    • SCI3108 Operations Management
    • SCI3094 Organisation Design and Leadership
    • SCI3116 Product and Innovation Management
    • SCI3109 Strategy

    Curriculum 2018-2020 and earlier

    • SCI3048 Leadership and Knowledge Management
    • SCI3049 Operations and Service Management
    • SCI3050 Strategy and Venturing
    • SCI3051 Strategy

    SCI24 Master's Programme in Information Networks

    Curriculum 2022-2023

    • SCI3099 Business and Organisational Design
    • SCI3160 Digital Ethics, Society and Policy
    • SCI3036 Software Engineering and Architectures
    • SCI3161 User, Data and Design

    Curriculum 2020-2022 and earlier

    • SCI3047 Information Networks

    SCI25 Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies

    • SCI3092 Bioinformatics and Digital Health
    • SCI3059 Biomedical Engineering
    • SCI3060 Complex Systems
    • SCI3601 Human Neuroscience and Technology
    • ELEC3045 Biosensing and Bioelectronics

    SCI26 Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences (CCIS)

    • SCI3042 Computer Science
    • SCI3043 Software and Service Engineering
    • SCI3044 Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    • SCI3046 Game Design and Production
    • SCI3084 Security and Cloud Computing
    • SCI3097 Human-Computer Interaction

    SCI28 Master's Programme in ICT Innovation

    • ELEC3055 Autonomous System
    • ELEC3059 Cloud and Network Infrastructures
    • SCI3115 Data Science
    • SCI3102 Visual Computing and Communication
    • SCI3020 Human-Computer Interaction and Design

    SCI30 Master's Programme in Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO)

    • SCI3113 Security and Cloud Computing

    SCI31 Master's Programme in International Design Business Management (IDBM)

    • SCI3101 International Design Business Management