Topic outline

  • This page includes a list of Computer Science faculty members who can supervise master's theses.

    The student should contact the eligible supervisor whose area best matches with the potential topic. If finding a supervisor turns out to be difficult, the student can request help from the responsible person of their major.


    Looking for a topic in Aalto? Check the wiki page for master thesis topics at the Department of Computer Science.

    CS faculty members' contact information:

    For abstract: use the full name of the programme (Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences). Check your major's code and name from Sisu or SCI Majors, Programmes and Codes even if you are sure you know them. Use the programme name and major always in English, also in Finnish and Swedish abstracts.

    Faculty members:

    The list was updated: 27.10.2022

     Supervisor Number of  master's theses in supervision
    Potential Master's thesis topic area
     Aledavood, Talayeh 2
     Data Science, Social Computing, Digital Health
     Alku, Paavo 2  Speech processing, speech-based biomarking of health
     Aura, Tuomas 8
    Information security and privacy
     Brzuska, Chris 0
    Cryptography, computational complexity
     Bäckström, Tom  0 Macadamia
     Chalermsook, Parinya 1
    Algorithms, theoretical computer science
     Deny, Stephane
     Di Francesco, Mario 1
    Mobile and ubiquitous computing, IoT
     Ekberg, Jan-Erik 0
     Fagerholm, Fabian 6
     Främling, Kary
     Garg, Vikas 1 Macadamia
     Guckelsberger, Christian
     Gunn, Lachlan, Univ. Lecturer 1
     Haaranen, Lassi 6
     Hellas, Arto 2
     Hirvisalo, Vesa, Senior Univ. Lecturer 1
    Embedded systems
     Hollmen, Jaakko
     Holme, Petter
     Hyvönen, Eero 3
    Semantic web, linked open data, artificial intelligence, web technologies
     Hämäläinen, Perttu 4
    Game design and production, animation technology, human-computer interaction, gameplay innovation, exercise gamification
     Hämäläinen, Wilhelmiina, Senior Univ. Lecturer 8
    Data mining, machine learning, computational medicine
     Ilin, Alexander 5
    Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence
     Jung, Alex 6
    Machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical learning theory,  compressed sensing, complex networks
     Junttila, Tommi, Senior Univ. Lecturer 0
    Computational logic, constraint programming, algorithms
     Kannala, Juho 1
    Computer vision, machine learning
     Kaski, Petteri 4
    Algorithm theory, algebraic algorithms, algorithm engineering
     Kaski, Samuel 1
    Machine learning, probabilistic modelling, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational medicine
     Kisfaludi-Bak, Sándor
     Kauppinen, Marjo 6
    Software engineering, requirements engineering
     Keller, Barbara
     Kivelä, Mikko 2
    Computational science, complex systems
     Korhonen, Ari, Senior Univ. Lecturer 1
    Learning technologies, learning analytics, software visualization
     Kujala, Sari
    0 eHealth, accessiblity
     Kurimo, Mikko
    Macadamia, Speech and Language Technology
     Korpi-Lagg, Maarit 0
     Laaksonen, Jorma, Senior Univ. Lecturer 2
    Machine learning, computer vision, multimodal methods
     Lai, Russell
     Lampinen, Jouko 0 Computational science, machine learning
     Lassenius, Casper 6
    Software engineering; processes, measurement, testing and quality assurance
     Lehtinen, Jaakko 4
    Computer graphics, image synthesis
     Lindqvist, Janne 4
    Systems security and privacy, usable security and privacy
     Linna, Riku, Senior Univ. Lecturer 0
    Complex systems, computational methods
     Lokki, Tapio 1 Room acoustics, perception, virtual acoustics, 3D sound, psychoacoustics
     Lähdesmäki, Harri 2

    Machine learning, generative models, deep learning & AI, computational biology/medicine/health

     Malmi, Lauri 1
    Learning technologies, software visualization, gameful learning
     Mannila, Heikki
     Marttinen, Pekka 4
    Machine learning, computational health, probabilistic modelling
     Nieminen, Marko 6
    User-centred design, user experience, service design
     Nieminen, Mika P. 15
    User-centered design of new product, service concepts
     Orponen, Pekka 0 Algorithms, data science
     Oulasvirta, Antti
     Paler, Alexandru
     Pollari-Malmi, Kerttu, Senior Univ. Lecturer 1
    Databases, string algorithms
     Rinke, Patrick
     Rintanen, Jussi 0
    Artificial intelligence
     Rousu, Juho 2
    Data science, artificial intelligence, predicting structured data, kernel methods, computational biology, machine learning
     Saramäki, Jari 4
    Data science, complex systems, complex networks, social networks, network neuroscience, computational immunology
     Sarvas, Risto 0  
     Savioja, Lauri 0 Room acoustics, virtual acoustics, audio, virtual reality
     Sawhney, Nitin
     Seppälä, Otto
     Siekkinen, Matti 3
    Multimedia systems, mobile computing, extended reality (VR/AR)
     Sorva, Juha
     Solin, Arno 0
    Machine learning, probabilistic modelling, sensor fusion
     Suomela, Jukka 2
    Algorithms, theoretical computer science, distributed and parallel computing, digital humanities
     Suoranta, Sanna, Univ. Lecturer 0
    Authentication, usable security,  security
     Truong, Linh 4
    Service engineering analytics for IoT, cloud computing, big data and blockchain
     Turpeinen, Marko 0  
     Uitto, Jara 1
     Vanhanen, Jari-Pekka, Senior Univ. Lecturer 3
    Software engineering
     Vehtari, Aki 2
    Data science, machine learning, bayesian inference, probabilistic modeling
     Vuorimaa, Petri 8
    Web services, web applications, web of things
     Viitanen, Johanna
    7 Usability of health and social care IT systems, user-centred design of eHealth services
     Ylä-Jääski, Antti 1
    Mobile and ubuquitous computing, mobile multimedia systems