Topic outline

  • Supervisors

    The list below describes potential MSc research topic areas by supervisor. You may contact any of the professors below to discuss any potential topic of your interest.


    Research areas

    Boffi, Daniele

    Mathematics, applied mathematics, operations research

    Brzuska, Chris

    Mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, cryptography, complexity theory, logic, formal verification, random constraint satisfaction problems

    Freij, Ragnar Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Coding Theory
    Hakula, Harri Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Machine Learning 

    Hannukainen, Antti

    Mathematics, applied mathematics, operations research

    Hollanti, Camilla

    Algebraic number theory, coding theory, information theory, information theoretic security, (post-quantum) cryptography, communications, distributed systems

    Hyvönen, Nuutti

    Applied mathematics, inverse problems, numerical analysis, mathematics of (medical) imaging, scientific computing, optimal experimental design, machine learning

    Ilmonen, Pauliina

    Mathematical statistics, applied statistics

    Ivarsson, Björn Mathematical analysis, complex analysis in one or several variables

    Kinnunen, Juha

    Nonlinear partial differential equations, calculus of variations, harmonic analysis

    Korte, Riikka

    Mathematical analysis, elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations

    Kubjas, Kaie

    Nonlinear algebra, applied algebraic geometry, algebraic statistics, algebra in life sciences, structured matrix and tensor decompositions, polyhedral geometry 

    Kytölä, Kalle

    Mathematical physics, probability theory, algebra and representation theory, computer formalization of mathematics (especially in Lean)

    Lahdelma, Risto

    Mathematics, applied mathematics, operations research

    Leskelä, Lasse

    Stochastic models, mathematical statistics, probability theory, complex systems, random graphs, network statistics, applied probability

    Noferini, Vanni

    Matrix theory, numerical linear algebra, complex network analysis, linear algebra, algorithms

    Oliveira, Fabricio

    Operations research, mathematical programming, optimisation, production systems planning, supply chain management, decision making under uncertainty (stochastic programming and robust optimisation), efficient solution methods (decomposition and parallelisation). 

    Peltola, Eveliina

    Random geometry, stochastic analysis, representation theory, complex analysis, mathematical physics

    Peltonen, Kirsi

    Differential geometry and applications, geometric analysis, complex analysis and dynamics, mathematics and arts

    Sahlsten, Tuomas Quantum chaos on manifolds or graphs, harmonic analysis and PDEs, random walks on groups, coupled ergodic systems, metric number theory and fractal geometry

    Salo, Ahti

    Operations research, investment science, financial engineering, risk management, decision analysis, problem structuring methods, scheduling, supply networks, energy systems 

    Schiewe, PhilineOperations research, optimisation (discrete/combinatorial/network), mathematical modelling, game theory, transportation planning, logistics, scheduling

    Siddiqui, Afzal

    Operations research, energy economics, game theory, real options

    Stenberg, Rolf

    Mechanics, numerical analysis, applied mathematics

    Tölle, Jonas Probability theory, stochastic processes and stochastic analysis, variational analysis, nonlinear (stochastic) partial differential equations, dynamical systems and ergodic theory, functional analysis and function spaces, stochastic control and stochastic finance

    Virtanen, Kai

    Operations research, decision analysis, optimization, simulation, behavioral operations research, human performance in complex systems, defence and security applications

    Earlier theses

    Information about earlier MSc research projects can be found on the list of completed MSc theses at the department. Full texts of all MSc theses are accessible from the  Aaltodoc publication archive.