Topic outline

  • MSc Thesis supervisors and topic areas at NBE   


    Potential MSc Thesis topic areas 

    Petri Ala-Laurila 

    Cellular electrophysiology, neural circuits, neural coding, visual neuroscience 

    Linda Henriksson 

    Neuroimaging, human visual system 

    Risto Ilmoniemi 

    Brain stimulation, magnetic resonance imaging 

    Iiro Jääskeläinen 

    Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience 

    Ari Koskelainen 

    Cellular biophysics 

    Anton Kuzyk 

    Molecular self-assembly, biophysics, plasmonics, biotechnology, biosensing  

    Heikki Nieminen 

    Medical devices 

    Matias Palva (professor in charge of BME) 

    Systems neuroscience, brain signal analysis, digital therapeutics 

    Lauri Parkkonen (professor in charge of NEURO) 

    Neuroimaging, medical imaging, data analysis, medical instrumentation, systems neuroscience 

    Hanna Renvall 

    Clinical neuroimaging, physiology, medical applications 

    Riitta Salmelin 

    Systems neuroscience, neuroimaging methods and applications, signal analysis 

    Matti Stenroos 

    Electromagnetism, inverse problems, imaging and data analysis, cardiac applications 

    All people in the list can supervise theses for both BME and NEURO majors without needing separate approval from professor-in-charge. Your academic advisor or the professor-in-charge will help you in finding a supervisor.  

    All MSc Theses supervised by NBE faculty shall have a Thesis presentation in NBE Student Seminar, unless the Thesis is done for a non-NBE major that has its own seminar series. The seminar booking should be made at least two weeks before the desired presentation day. If there are, despite early booking, no seminar slots available, the supervisor and student shall organize a public presentation that will be announced at NBE Student Seminar announcements and email list at least two working days before the presentation day.