• Welcome to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education-course (5 cr)

    After the course, you

    •are able to identify, define and evaluate factors that affect your teaching
    •are able to recognize different theories of learning and you have become aware of how they influence teaching
    •have formed your own approach to teaching and learning/ teaching philosophy and you have knowledge on how to develop your teachership and teaching
    •you recognize factors, which affect to the quality of teaching
    •are able to understand your teaching in a wider context and envisage the expertise provided by your own field of teaching and the future prospects of the field.

    Course contents
    • Learning theories and practice, approaches to teaching and learning 
    • Teaching assessment and quality as a part of teaching development/curriculum design
    • Societal and ethical connections in university teaching
    • Future views to one's own teaching substance/discipline
    • Developing oneself as a teacher

    Schedule in spring 2018
    CS 1 Wednesday 7.3.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, M134
    CS 2 Wednesday 21.3.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, Majakka (M140)
    CS 3 Thursday 12.4.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, KPMG (U262)
    CS 4 Friday 4.5.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, Majakka (M140)

    Course teachers

    Teacher-in-charge Kirsti Keltikangas, Educational Developer, School of Science

    Teacher Päivi Kinnunen, Educational Developer, School of Business

  • TOPIC  University pedagogy and learning theories

  • In lecture hall KPMG (U262) in Otakaari 1 - this is in U-wing in the 2.floor

  • Quality and Teaching

    Guest speakers prof. Pauliina Ilmonen, Dept. of Mathematics and System Operations, SCI

    + Head of Finance Jussi Välimäki, School of Business

  • Welcome to our course Learning and teaching in higher education.

    Our first meeting is on Wednesday 7.3.2018  and  before that we give you a pre-assignment to complete. This assignment takes you to the world of learning and teaching and it will help us to start our course together. By doing the assignment you will also know the participants before our first meeting.

    This pre-assignment has three parts: short writing task, reading task and introducing yourself. DL for the pre-task is 1st March .

    Instructions for the task:

    1. Writing task: My approach to learning and my path of becoming a teacher

    Reflect and write about two (2) pages long writing in which you describe your own approach to learning, and your own path of becoming a teacher.

    You can use following statements:

    Learning is…

    Teaching is…

    Teacher is…

    My approach to learning and teaching is…

    My approach to learning and teaching has changed…

    My approach to learning and teaching occurs in my teaching practices…

    I´m interested in teaching because…

    I became a teacher…  

    As a teacher I have succeeded in…  

    This success shows in my teaching…  

    The following experiences have had an effect on my teaching…

    As a teacher I want to develop myself in…


    In this assignment it is important to reflect your own thoughts. You do not need to use any references.

    Please submit your assignment on MyCourses by 1st March and bring it also with you to the first teaching session on 7th March. 

    2. Reading assignment: before the first teaching session

    Read and familiarise yourself with Chapter 1 Understanding learning: theories and critique from the book University teaching in focus: a learning‐centred approach / edited by Lynne Hunt and Denise Chalmers. Abingdon, Oxon; New York: Routledge, 2013.

    Read the article in a way you are able to discuss it. The book is available both as an e-book and a paper copy in the Aalto library: http://lib.aalto.fi/en/

    Please notice there are only few e-books available at the same time (three readers). You can also google the book and you might find the same article from net also.

    3. Introduce yourself briefly in the general discussion forum below - DL as well 1st March

    If you have any questions about the assignment, please contactKirsti.keltikangas@aalto.fi or Päivi.Kinnunen@aalto.fi

  • Please note that home assignments in this page are in listed chronological order!
    Oldest in the top, newest are lowest. You can also find them in each day's slide set.

    • CS 1 - 7.3.2018
    • CS 2 - 21.3.2018
    • CS 3 - 12.4.2018
    • CS 4 - 4.5.2018
  • Teaching and learning

    University teaching in focus: a learning-centred approach / edited by
    Lynne Hunt and Denise Chalmers. Abingdon, Oxon; New York: Routledge, 2013

    Link to the book (Aalto e-library)

    Please do note that there can be only three (3) readers at the same time. Please remember to click "Exit" after having read the book in the net


    Biggs, John and Tang, Katherine. Teaching for Quality Learning at University. 2007. McGraw-Hill.

    Crawley, Edward, Malmqvist, Johan, Östlund, Sören and Brodeur, Doris. Rethinking Engineering Education. The CDIO Approach. 2007. Springer.

    Illeris, K (ed.). 2009. Contemporary Theories of Learning. Learning theorists...in their own words.

    Prosser, Michael & Trigwell, Keith. 1999. Understanding learning and teaching. Experiences in higher education. The society for research in higher education & open university press.

    Ramsden, Paul. 1998. Learning to lead in higher education. London: Routledge.

    Wankat, Phillip C.; Oreovicz, Frank S. 1993. Teaching Engineering. Knovel. http://www.knovel.com/web/portal/basic_search/display?_EXT_KNOVEL_DISPLAY_bookid=1287

    • If you wish to complete Aalto University pedagogical studies (25 cr) and you have some earlier pedagogical studies (e.g. a course).

    Studies can be completed also elsewhere (e.g. University of Helsinki, HAMK)

    You can include the earlier study/ies (e.g. as an elective course) or you can to replace an entire course into the entity.

    1. Fill in the form (see below)

    2. Contact course teachers

    At least 10 cr of the pedagogical studies (25 cr) should be completed at Aalto University.
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