Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education-course (5 cr)

    After the course, you

    •are able to identify, define and evaluate factors that affect your teaching
    •are able to recognize different theories of learning and you have become aware of how they influence teaching
    •have formed your own approach to teaching and learning/ teaching philosophy and you have knowledge on how to develop your teachership and teaching
    •you recognize factors, which affect to the quality of teaching
    •are able to understand your teaching in a wider context and envisage the expertise provided by your own field of teaching and the future prospects of the field.

    Course contents
    • Learning theories and practice, approaches to teaching and learning 
    • Teaching assessment and quality as a part of teaching development/curriculum design
    • Societal and ethical connections in university teaching
    • Future views to one's own teaching substance/discipline
    • Developing oneself as a teacher

    Schedule in spring 2018
    CS 1 Wednesday 7.3.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, M134
    CS 2 Wednesday 21.3.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, Majakka (M140)
    CS 3 Thursday 12.4.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, KPMG (U262)
    CS 4 Friday 4.5.2018 at 9.00-15.30 in Otakaari 1, Majakka (M140)

    Course teachers

    Teacher-in-charge Kirsti Keltikangas, Educational Developer, School of Science

    Teacher Päivi Kinnunen, Educational Developer, School of Business