Topic outline

  • All the course material used during the second day is found here: the slides and the assignments along with the instructions. The submission boxes for your second assignment (reading, teaching observation, group work and reflection) are here as well. Eeva Halonen's slides on your administrative duties and practical issues will be posted soon.

    The posters you made in your groups are posted at the bottom of this page.

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      The slides for day two sum up and extend your first reading assignment. The themes are approaches to learning and levels of thinking about teaching.

    • Assignments for the next session

      1. Reading assignment
      2. Teaching observation and reflection
      3. Group reflection

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      Read chapter 5, "How do I teach?", pp. 39–49 from Hemminki, M. Leppänen, M. & Valovirta T. 2013. Get inspired! A guide for successful teaching.

      Read the text so that you can discuss it with your peers both in your small group as well as in class. The title of the box and the title of the book are both links to the e-book. You can download a pdf file of the pages you want. 

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      • Visit  an exercise class where you act as an observer. If possible, visit a class of your group members or your course mates. 
      • Focus on the students and note down at least the following: What do the students do? How does the teacher motivate them? Add reflections and insights of your own. You may give feedback to the teacher. If you do, be specific, be positive, and give constructive feedback. 
      • Use the feedback form for this; it appears below this text after clicking on the title of this box. The form has generic instructions on points to pay attention to when observing a teaching session. You may follow these instructions to expand your observation, but remember that your task this time is to focus on student activity and how the teacher motivates the students. If you give feedback to your peer/the teacher, ask them first if they want the feedback; you may also elaborate on your feedback verbally with them. Submit your feedback to this submission box with the name of the observed peer/teacher removed. This feedback is visible only to the course teachers.

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      • Arrange a meeting with your small group
      • In the meeting, discuss the article and plan your teaching observation or discuss your observed session, as the case may be.
      • Submit your notes and reflections (one per group) to this submission forum: Group work (discussion area): What did you discuss? What did you observe? What did you think about the article? etc.
      • Remember to write your names on your group post.
      • Your posts to this discussion area are visible to the teachers and the course participants.

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      Read the slides for day 2 and write your thoughts on the three following topics:

      1. The levels of thinking about teaching
      2. Surface approach to learning
      3. Deep approach to learning

      The topics are discussed in the reading assignment as well. Your text should be about one page long.