Topic outline


    Group Presentation (15 min) Discussant (max 5min)
    1 (R.-M. Laine et al.) Mon 1.4. (for Group 2) Wed 3.4.
    2 (M. Pham et al.) Wed 3.4. (for Group 1) Mon 1.4.
    3 (R. Väyliö et al.) Mon 1.4. (for Group 4) Wed 3.4.
    4 (F. Haahti et al.) Wed 3.4. (for Group 3) Mon 1.4.
    5 (J. Lindgren al.) Mon 1.4. (for Group 6) Wed 3.4.
    6 (M. Kirjonen et al.) Wed 3.4. (for Group 5) Mon 1.4.
    7 (R. Rihtamo et al.) Mon 1.4. (for Group 8) Wed 3.4.
    8 (O. Paakkola et al.) Wed 3.4. (for Group 7) Mon 1.4.

    Course content

    This course focuses on the state of the art of Customer Experience Management. Students will (1) understand the challenges for marketing managers in in the multimedia and omni-channel environment and the resulting need for the management of customer experiences, (2) learn in which context and how customer experience management can be effectively applied to solve these challenges, (3) know how customer experience management relates to further marketing activities along the customer journey,  (4) learn the fundamentals and the tools of designing and delivering superior customer experiences, (5) learn how to assess and quantify customer experiences and their effect on related marketing outcomes and (6) apply their knowledge to case studies and managerial problems to foster managerial skills.

    Based on a general assessment of the concept, the course will center around specific topics and practical tools that relate to the need, the assessment, the creation and the implementation of customer experience management.

    Assessment & grading

    Grading is based on a 0-5 scale. The assessment will be on the following criteria:

    • Participation (10%, individual grading)
    • Group project i.e. case study (60%, group grading)
    • Take home Exam (30%, individual grading)


    Participation (10%, indivudal grading):

    Personal Attendance Sheet (given in the first session) is used for self-assessing the class participation. 

    For each session, students are expected to mark down their contributions to class discussion (e.g. “I made the comment of X”), and suggest a grade to themselves (1-5). Students pick up the sheets before each class, and then hand them in at the end.

    Group project (60%, group grading)

    The group project consist of an in-class presentation of 15 20 minutes (10 15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A) and management report (consulting-slide presentation format; max. 20 slides). Groups will have approximately 5 members. Further information on the topic and deliverables will be given in the Session 3 (i.e. Customer Personas).

    Presentation deadline: 31.03.2019 - 23:59

    Management report deadline: 04.04.2019 - 23:59 

    Take home Exam (30%, individual grading)

    Take home Exam is an individual report which consist of a customer experience assessment of an assigned case. The assignment will be specified and given to the students during the Session 7.

    Take home exam deadline: 14.04.2019 - 23:59 

    Management report, presentation and written assignment are to be handed-in via email to: