Topic outline

  • Topics

    • Global talent management
    • KONE case
    • Guest: Ingmar Björkman, Dean of School of Business


    1. Pucik, V., Evans, P., Björkman, I., and Morris, S. (2017). Global Challenge: International Human Resource Management. Chicago: Chicago Business Press. Third edition, Chapter 6.

    • Turnitin Assignment 2 icon

      Submit an individual reflection paper in which you reflect on the learning from your reading of the assigned literature for each session. For each chapter and article the paper should contain:

      1.     Own learning points (i.e. what did YOU learn when reading the material)

      2.     Questions/issues that you would like to discuss during the session, as well as reasons why you think these questions/issues are worthy of discussion.


      Format: 200-250 words per chapter/article

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      Analyse the case and answer the following questions:

      1.     Critically evaluate KONE’s global talent management activities. What kinds of improvements should KONE still make?

      2.     How would you describe the challenges KONE is facing in China?

      2a. What should KONE do in China?

      2b. Should KONE transfer some of its talent management practices in China to other parts of the global corporation?

      Format: 1000 words

      Deadline: The case solution has to be uploaded to the assignment submission box in MyCourses before the start of Session 8: March 21st at 9:00.