Topic outline

  • Welcome to the 77E25000 Business Negotiations Group P02 workspace.

    You'll find our course schedule below.

    Please note that all other materials, including assignments and readings,  are in the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of the workspace. Materials will become available once registration is complete.


    Pre-course readings

    Please read the following 3 lecturer inputs and 1 article before coming to the first class. You'll find all of these in the Readings folder (3rd folder in the dropdown menu on the left-hand side of the workspace - click the menu icon, top left, if you can't see the folder menu).

    1. Input 1: Choosing an initial negotiation strategy
    2. Input 2: The principled approach to negotiation
    3. Input 3: ZOPA Zone Of Possible Agreement
    4. BATNA Basics:Boost your power at the bargaining table (PON Harvard Law School / Free report)

    SESSION 1: 24 April

    • Course overview: objectives, assignments, schedule
    • Negotiation strategies and tactics: negotiation loop exercise
    • Introduction to the Mutual Gains Approach (MGA) / Principled Approach
    • Negotiation simulation 1: implementing the MGA approach

    Preparation for session 2

    1. Read Input 4: The MGA negotiation process
    2. Prepare theory presentation & handout (Assign 1). Due: 08.30, 8 May.
    3. Listen to ‘The Psychology of Negotiations’ (Assign 2). Due: 08.30, 8 May.

    SESSION 2: 8 May

    • Negotiation theory presentations Pt 1
    • Preparing for a negotiation – a systematic approach
    • Negotiation simulation 2: implementing the MGA approach

    Preparation for session 3

    1. Read Input 5: Cultural dimensions of negotiations
    2. Read input 6: Questions as a negotiation tool
    3. Read input 7: Preparing to negotiate using MGA
    4. Read through the final team negotiation case and start to write position paper (A3)

    SESSION 3: 15 May

    • Negotiation theory presentations Pt 2
    • Negotiation simulation 3: implementing the MGA approach
    • Final team negotiation strategy planning meeting

    Preparation for session 4

    1. Contact TOP via the discussion forum for your negotiation and
      a) negotiate an agenda for your final negotiation, and
      b) get any other essential information that you feel you need to prepare for the negotiation.
    2. Prepare your strategy for the final negotiation
    3. Finalise the position paper (A3). Upload by 08.30, 22 May.

    SESSION 4: 22 May

    • Final negotiations
    • Debriefing with fellow team members
    • Debriefing with TOP
    • Comparing negotiation outcomes

    Analyse the final negotiation (A4). Upload to MyCourses by 08.30, Wednesday, 29 May.