Topic outline

  • The course has 4 assignments and other required ungraded work.


     Theory presentation (group)



     The psychology of negotiation (individual)



     Position paper for final negotiation (group)



     Analysis of final negotiation (indivdual)



     Preparedness for class; contribution to group activities


    : To pass the course all assignments must be completed by the given deadlines. The due date for each assignment is clearly stated on the respective submission box. Please upload the final versions of each of your assigments (pdf) by the given deadlines.

    Grading criteria: Assignments are assessed using preformulated rubrics on a scale of 0-5. EBC grading criteria: 4.5 and above is a 5; 3.5-4.49 range is a 4; 2,5-3,49 range is a 3.  Please take a look at these grading criteria (in submission boxes) before you start work on the given assignment, and also before you submit your assignment.

    Extra assignments not possible: Students are not able to re-do assignments, or do extra assignments to improve grades.  
    Class contribution
    This is a highly practical and experiential course so attendance is mandatory.

    Assignments at a glance

    Detailed instructions for each assignment are given below this summary.

    A1: Negotiation theory presentation and activity / discussion (20 points)
    Deadline: 08.30, Wednesday, 8 May

    This is a group assignment which requires you to focus on a critical aspect of negotiation theory. Groups will be required to prepare (a) a short 10-15 minute presentation; (b) an accompanying handout and (c) a class activity (discussion questions, quiz ...).

    A2: Listening assignment (Pass / Fail)
    Deadline: 08.30, Wednesday, 8 May

    This individual assignment requires you to listen to a talk on the psychology of negotiation by Neil Rackham and answer a few questions.

    A3: Position paper for final negotiation (30 points)

    Deadline: 08.30, Wednesday, 22 May

    This team assignment requires you to prepare a position paper for the final negotiation (5+ pages plus appendices), which shows your assessment of the negotiation situation and the planning that you have done in preparation for the negotiation.

    A4: Analysis of final negotiation (40 points)
    Deadline: 08.30, Wednesday, 29 May

    This individual assignment requires you to write an analysis (2-3 pages / single-spaced) of your final negotiation.