Topic outline

  • Learning outcome and assignment

    Student will learn to observe the built environment with regard to usability and accessibility. Student can recognize different user groups of buildings and learns basic terminology related to user-oriented space design.

    Working in pairs, observation task: sketches or photos of public spaces in regard to user-friendliness.
    Assessment of different user groups, wayfinding in the space and accessibility

    Evaluation: attendance to course and active participation (2 cr.).
    Evaluation method: presentation and group discussion of assignment in the last lecture
    Grading: accepted/ rejected

    Preliminary Schedule 07.01. - 18.02.2019,
    Lectures Monday, 13.15 – 15.00

    Monday 07.01.2018 User-driven design

    – Introduction, Ira Verma, researcher, Aalto University

    Monday 14.01.2019 Co-design and the dilemma of the user 

    Antti Pirinen, university lecturer, Aalto University

    Monday 21.01.2019 Hospital environment – Patient rooms 

    Jonna Taegen, architect, Ph.D. student, Aalto University

    Monday 28.01.2019 Service Architecture

    Jarmo Suominen, Professor Service Architecture

    Monday 04.02.2019 Accessibility and user experience

    On-site: Visit and user assessment of Väre building

    Monday 11.02.2019 Hearing environment

    Jukka Rasa, architect, senior specialist

    Monday 18.02.2019 Deadline for final assignment and feedback

    Ira Verma and Laura Arpiainen, professor Health and Wellbeing