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    We will meet monday the 27th of May at 10.10 am in MARKET SQUARE, near the mainquay of Suomenliina ferry.  WE WILL BE DRAWING EACH DAY OF THE COURSE IN THEATREREHEARSALS OF RYHMÄTEATTERI in SUOMENLINNA  between 10 and 17 o´clock. 

    The play is "Murder of orient express" / "Idän pikajunan arvoitus". More exact timetables will appear here during this  weekend, as soon as I will get to know them from the producer of Ryhmäteatteri. I am looking forward to see you soon and to be able to draw together with you and to have all the different discussions around this great matter!  *****

    P.s. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions according this course. You can reach me the best: tel.050 439 242 5, or