• Welcome to learn the methods for evaluating user interfaces!

    Ongoing evaluation of a product's usability and user experience is a key to the design of any successful service. This hands-on course teaches two main approaches for evaluation: expert-based ("heuristic") evaluations without users, and empirical usability evaluation with users.

    After this course, you will be able to apply these methods to product design processes on different levels of rigour, adapting the methods to the time and resources that are available. You are also able to understand the principles behind the different usability criteria and why even a small number of test users can suffice for reliable conclusions on usability.

    You will have a chance to apply the methods to real products from several different companies, including Telia, Elisa, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), Finnish Design Shop, Children's Hospital, Ajeco and Trimble. This list is still subject to change.

    The course consists of the following phases:
    1. Introductory lectures and reading material, ending with an exam
    2. Evaluation planning in cooperation with the customer
    3. Expert-based evaluation and a presentation of results in the course
    4. Empirical evaluation with users and a presentation of results in the course
    5. Final report creation, presentation in the course, and delivery to the customer
    Please have a look at the Schedule for more details on the phases and the Syllabus for grading, eligibility to the course, and work load calculation.


    Antti Salovaara
    Aqdas Malik
    Nina Karisalmi
    Marko Nieminen