Topic outline

  • Date Type Content
    Tue 26.2.2019 at 12-14 (A136) Lecture Introduction
    Practical issues + grading principles
    Previews about customers' products that will be evaluated
    Fri 1.3.2019 at 10-12 (TUAS TU5) Lecture Basics on usability
    Expert evaluation methods
    Tue 5.3.2019 at 12-14 (A136) Lecture Empirical evaluation methods
    Research designs & research with small sample sizes
    Fri 8.3.2019 at 10-12 (TU5) Lecture Empirical methods and validity threats - Guest lecture by Jussi Jokinen (Aalto ELEC, User Interfaces group)
    Tue 12.3.2019 at 12-14 (T3) Exam Exam on introductory readings
    Fri 15.3.2019 at 10-12 (TU5) Lecture + Group work Lecture on correct answers to the exam
    Planning for customer visit + overall project work
    Tue 19.3.2019 at 12-14 (A136) Lecture Usability evaluation in a corporate context - Guest lecture by Esko Kurvinen (Service Design Lead, Elisa)
    20-28.3.2019 Group work Meetings with customers
    Research plan creation
    Optional tutor meeting Tue 26.3.2019 at 12-14 (A136)
    Fri 29.3.2019 at 10-12 (TU5) Presentations Project plans
    Deadline for project plan submission Fri 23:55.
    30.3.-4.4.2019 Group work Conducting expert evaluations
    Optional tutor meeting Tue 2.4.2019 at 12-14 (T3)
    Fri 5.4.2019 at 10-12 (TU5) Presentations Results from expert evaluations
    Deadline for expert evaluation submission Fri 23:55.
    6.4.-29.4.2019 Group work Conducting empirical evaluations
    Optional tutor meeting Tue 16.4.2019 at 10-12 (T3) + as needed
    Tue 30.4.2019 at 12-14 (A136) Presentations Results from empirical evaluations
    Deadline for empirical evaluation report submission Fri 23:55.
    Tue 7.5.2019 at 12-14 (A136) Presentations Final presentations (4 groups) ** Cancelled **
    Tue 14.5.2019 at 12:15-15 (T6) Presentations Final presentations (all groups à 15 mins)
    Tue 21.5.2019 Final report deadline Final report shipping to the customer (with a tutor in Cc)
    Thu 23.5.2019  Learning diary deadline  Submission of the personal learning diary