Topic outline

    • In your team find an inspiring example of visual identity that you want to share with the rest of the class. It doesn't have to be necessarily well known, or created by some famous designer, but something that interests you. Try to find out as much about that visual identity as you can and prepare a 4-5 page pdf presentation that you present for others in the class on 10.1.2010. Plan ahead who says what. Presentations start at 13.00.

      Explain why that visual identity is interesting or special to you. Show and tell where, how and by whom that visual identity is used. If you can find out how it has been created or evolved during the years (if old logo) it can be an interesting piece of information to share. The visual identity does not have to have anything to do with the Iittala case or its competitors, just something that excites you and that you think could be interesting to share with others as well. Demonstrate how the identity is used in different applications.

      Before you submit your presentation (upload to this section in mycourses) name your file according to your team (e.g. Team1_inspiring_visual_identity.pdf)