Topic outline

  • Common Knowledge Workshop Week 27–31 May is organised for students by students.
    The week consists of five one-day workshop and by registering you commit to attend them all.

    Please see the menu for detailed information!

    Monday 27 May
    Printed GIF-s! kinegram workshop by Cecilia Kugler

    Tuesday 28 May
    Journalistic Illustration: drawing real life by Sofia Kolovskaya

    Wednesday 29 May
    Bird Illustration Workshop by Brittaney Drake
    Please note that Thursday 30th May is Ascension day which is a public holiday, and it is up to you to choose if you attend that day or not.

    Thursday 30 May
    Digital Music/Audio Production by M Wingren

    Friday 31 May
    W.W.W: win win win or Working With Weakness? 
    Competition, technofeminism, and networks of care by Lisa Rein and Robynn McPherson