Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course E5123 - Designerly Approaches to Social Media (DASM). From this site, you will find the schedule, assignments, your study groups, course readings and videos. 

    Start date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019.

    Location: Check the schedule.

    Slack Channel of the course.


    Tuesday, 16 April, 09:15-12:00 (Q103 Väre)

    1. Objectives and principles
    2. Teemu Leinonen: "Design and social media in the context"
    3. Assignments and Practicalities
    4. Starting Assignment 1
    5. Introduction to homework reading: Designerly ways of knowing by Nigel Cross

    Wednesday, 17 April, 09:15-12:00 (F102 Väre)

    1. Fishbowl discussion on the homework reading
    2. Presentations: Who are we? (Assignment 1)
    3. Group formation
    4. Starting Assignment 2
    5. Introduction to the recommended homework reading: 15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook by Wired

    Thursday, 18 April, 09:15-12:00 (F102 Väre)

    1. Merja Porttikivi: "Discursive governance, resistance, and critique in online platforms"
    2. Working with Assignment 2
    3. Introduction to homework screening: How to become TripAdvisor's #1 Fake Restaurant:


    Tuesday, 23 April, 09:15-12:00 (Q202 Väre)

    1. Fishbowl discussion on the homework screening
    2. Pauliina Seppälä: "Social media as action space" 
    3. Introduction to homework reading: Citizens breaking out of filter bubbles: urban screens as civic media by Foth, M., Tomitsch, M., Forlano, L., Haeusler, M. H., & Satchell, C. (2016, June). In Proceedings of the 5th ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays (pp. 140-147). ACM.

    Wednesday, 24 April, 09:15-12:00 (F102 Väre)

    1. Discussion on the homework reading
    2. Presentations: Cases (Assignment 2) 
    3. Starting Assignment 3
    4. Introduction to homework listening: Identity in a Cyber World with Sherry Turkle - Conversations with History:

    Thursday, 25 April, 09:15-12:00 (F102 Väre)

    1. Discussion on the homework listening
    2. Presentations: Cases (Assignment 2) 
    3. Facilitated studio studies, Assignment 3  (Teemu & Iida)

    Friday, 26 April, 09:15-12:00 (Q202 Väre)

    1. Steve El-Sharawy: "How big is alternative news and what is it all about?"
    2. Facilitated studio studies, Assignment 3  (Teemu & Iida)


    Monday, 29 April, 16:30 (Dipoli, Lumituuli Auditorium)

    1. Alva Noë: "Styles of Seeing" (optional but recommended)

    Tuesday, 30 April, 09:15-12:00 (Q202 Väre)

    1. Fishbowl discussion on Alva Noë's lecture "Styles of Seeing" 
    2. Presentations: Assignment 3

    Thursday, 2 May, 09:15-12:00 (F102 Väre)

    1. Presentations: Assignment 3

    Friday, 3 May, 09:15-12:00 (Q202 Väre)

    1. Professor Gionis Aristides: "Polarization in social media: causes and countermeasures"
    2. Presentations: Assignment 3