Topic outline

  • Intended learning objectives

    ILO 1: CFD software: ability to setup a case, flow equations, boundary conditions, grid generation, initial conditions, solver settings 

    ILO 2: CFD software and 2d flows: ability to simulate low Reynolds number flows, boundary layers, von Karman vortices, flow separation

    ILO 3: Quantitative analysis: ability to compare simulation results with reference data

    ILO 4: Matlab: ability to solve linear equations in 1d, ability to modify a 2d Navier-Stokes code and to implement a discretization scheme

    ILO 5: Discretization and error: ability to understand and investigate influence of discretization error on solution.

    Why OpenFOAM CFD software?

    - OpenFOAM is the most popular open source CFD software in the world. In terms of number of users it is the second
    most popular code nowadays with about ~100000 downloads for any new release.
    - open source ~ huge community of developers
    - no licence fees (compare ~30000 euro/licence for commercial codes)
    - user can read the source code - not a black box

    Recommended for reaching ILO's

    Mondays: K1 1015-12:  lecture on CFD theory, governing equations and phenomenological discussion of simulation cases

    Tuesdays: Maari 1015-12: homeworks supported (Linux, OpenFOAM, Matlab)

    Completing the course

    80% 5 Homework assignments (4 OpenFOAM and 1 Matlab)

    20% Matlab programming assignment (completed during the course)

    HIGH IMPORTANCE: 0.5 grade unit bonus: initiate, answer and discuss in MyCourses

    Course Outline (Possible modifications likely, e.g. some of the lectures may be replaced by

    a computer lecture in Maari)

    Week 1: Convection-diffusion equation - finite difference approximation

    Week 2: Navier-Stokes equation - finite difference approximation

    Week 3: Pressure - finite difference approximation

    Week 4: Finite volume method 1/2

    Week 5: Finite volume method 2/2

    Week 6: OpenFOAM solver

    Week 7: Turbulence and other topics