Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to the lab course!

    There will be 6 labs in this course. Materials, slots booking and return boxes of each lab can be found from corresponding folders:

    Control of DC motor lab (January)

       Instructor: Hoang Nguyen Khac,

    Control of inverted pendulum lab (January-February)

       Instructor: Hoang Nguyen Khac,

    Microforce measurement lab (February)

       Instructor: Anastasiia Kravtcova,

    Process plant automation system lab (February - March)

       Instructors: Ilkka Seilonen, and Udayanto Dwi Atmojo,

    Manipulation with industrial robot lab (March - April)

       Instructor: Francesco Verdoja,

    Sensor fusion with Kalman filter (April)

       Instructor: Mika Vainio,


    If you have any questions regarding the course implementation, contact course assistant Anastasiia Kravtcova by email: 

    You may also contact lab teachers regarding issues with specific labs.