Topic outline

  • Note that the first exercise session will be held on Jan 16, 2019. After that, we will have exercise sessions on Wednesdays. 

    If you are not familiar with Linux command line, please refer to 

    Jan 16, 2019   Tutorial on wireless measurement

    Our course assistant will show how to use tools like Wireshark to capture network traffic and analyze packet statistics. The focus will be placed on MAC layer traffic analysis. 

    Jan 23, 2019   Tutorial on traceroute

    Our course assistant will show you how to use network diagnostic tools to discover IP routing paths. 

    Jan 30, 2019   Tutorial on socket programming

    Our course assistant will show you how to implement simple client/server using socket programming. 

    Feb 6, 2019      Q&A for Assignment III and Feedback on Assignment I

    Feb 13, 2019    Demo sessions of Assignment II

    This is the last chance to demonstrate the results of Assignment II to our course assistants. You can of course choose to demonstrate your programs in previous exercise sessions. 

    Information about the other exercise sessions will be published here later.