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    In this course we will focus on the high-frequency design challenges of integrated circuits, and study typical radio transceiver structures and related circuit solutions.  This course is a part of the micro- and nanoelectronic circuit design major of the master's programme in nano and radio sciences. The prerequisite for this course is that you have studied the course ELEC-E3510 - Basics of IC Design.

    Please, read the course brochure for 2019.

    The course starts on Tuesday Feb 26th at 12:15 in the lecture room 2190 (Iso sali) at Micronova. 

    First lecture will be followed by CAD exercise demo on same day (14:00-16:00) in computer classroom TU4 (1174-1176) at Maarintie 8.

    If you do not have an user account for vspace server, please follow the instructions given in the  Assignments-CAD page.

    The final meeting and project presentations will be on 14.5.2019.