Topic outline

  • ( participation on these meetings is obligatory )

    • First meeting  - 26.2. 2019  9:15 at Maarintie 8, room AS6 -  Topics are defined for each student, and we go thorough some practical arrangements.
    • "Mid-DL" - 2.4.2019  9:15 at Maarintie 8, room AS6 -  We will have a discussion meeting where each student gives a brief progress report.
    • Final Presentation Day - 21.5.2019 9:15 at Maarintie 8, room AS6 - Students give  15-20 min presentations on their project work

    Part and parcel of IC design project at industry is the ability to keep in schedule.
    Therefore, it is an essential part of the exercise. If a student is not able to meet the schedule and give the final presentation on time, we will arrange a presentation day for late deliveries in September, and the grade will be reduced by two due to  late delivery.