Topic outline

  • The theme for the Advanced Topics in User Interfaces course for Spring 2019 is Intelligent User Interfaces Studio. Over the duration of the course, we will cover advanced methods and techniques to design and construct intelligent user interfaces. A combination of lectures and workshop-styled sessions will introduce students to different techniques for creating such systems. We will include both hardware and software aspects of user interfaces. Some example topics: prototyping input devices, automatic generation of UI designs, and rapid prototyping tools. 

    Sample Topics:

    • Constructing an intelligent button that improves performance.
    • Automatically generating a UI design for a website.
    • Adapting an interface continually based on user input.
    • Designing and implementing a design tool to create interface layouts.

    Course Organisers: Dr. Kashyap Todi and Dr. Sunjun Kim

    Period: III–V (Beginning Feb 2019)

    Schedule: Mandatory lectures every Monday and Thursday from 12:15 to 14:00 (04.02.2019 to 18.04.2019)

    Course Prerequisites: Students should have some basic knowledge of Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) or User Interface (UI) design. Additionally, they should also have programming experience. Knowledge about electronics prototyping (e.g. Arduino) can be beneficial for some of the exercises, but is not a strict prerequisite.