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    Welcome to Design of Electrical Machines. 

    The first lecture will be next Tuesday, 26.02.2019 at 14:15 in the seminar hall A116 in Open Innovation House, Maarintie 6.

    See you there!

    Below is course information:


     Introduction to the basics of electrical machine design which include, The      Electromagnetic, Thermal, Mechanical designs of electrical motor and transformer.

     Students will have the opportunity to put it into practice by designing, building and testing a small transformer.


     Lectures (11 x 2h) 22h

     Assignments (3 x 7) 21h

     Practical exercise Transformer

    -         Lab (10h)

    -         Report (30h)

     Independent-study (50h)

    Assessment Methods and Criteria

     No exam.

     Mandatory assignments and practical exercise.

     The course is graded based on three individual assignment reports and performance in transformer practical work.

     The transformer work is carried out in a team of two.

     3 assignments (1/3rd of grade), and practical exercise and final report of transformer  (2/3rd of grade).

    Reference textbook

     “Design of Electrical Machines”, Juha Pyrhonen, Tapani Jokinen, Valeria Hrabovcova.

    Course Staff and Contact Information

     Lecturers :

     Osaruyi (Terry) Osemwinyen

      Transformer Lab :

     Aswin Balasubramanian

     Avaz Ruzibaev