Topic outline

  • The grading of the course is based on a combination the exam, mandatory project works, and exercises.

    • To pass the course, you must complete the project work (either a laboratory work or an essay).
    • There will be five questions in the exam, each worth 5 points for the total of 25 points. You must receive at least 10 points (Any extra points are not included. That is, you do not pass the course if you get 5 points from the exam even if you have done all the exercises and submitted course feedback) to pass the course.
    • By completing the 8 regular exercise sets, you can receive a maximum of 3 extra points for the exam. Furthermore, the Matlab exercise at the end of course and course feedback after the exam are both worth 1 extra point. That is, by completing most of the exercises and giving course feedback you can get up to 5 extra points for the exam.
    • The grade brackets are 1: 10 to 12 points; 2: 13 to 15 points; 3: 16 to 19 points; 4: 20 to 22 points; 5: 23 to 25 points.