Topic outline

  • General

    In Spring 2019 the course follows the book : Atomic Layer Deposition of Nanostructured Materials. It mainly consists of student presentations and weekly excercises. Due to ad-hoc generation of the course and limited amount of available lecture times, the number of participating students is limited to 14. The registration is in weboodi and it is based on first come - first served principle.


    The course starts already on Mon 4.2.2019 at 10:15

    (Not on 15.4. as stated elsewhere)

    See syllabus for a detailed schedule.

    The lectures take place in Micronova, Tietotie 3. The exact location to be announced.

    Tasks for the students:

    - prepare 1 ~35-45 min presentation based on a chosen book chapter

    - include in the presentation ~10 min description how you personally use (or plan to use) ALD in your PhD thesis work (voluntary)

    - prepare 1-2 home work excercises for the other students related to your presentation (preferably calculation problem, not essay question)

    - evaluate the exercise answers for your own "problem"

    - present the correct answer in the end of the next lecture

    - do weekly home work and return them to the corresponding peer prior to the next lecture

    - participate in the lectures

    Evaluation criteria are specified in course syllabus and also discussed in the first lecture.


    4.2. Opening lecture: Course content, evaluation, schedule, division of presentation topics

    5.2. - 14.4. Preparation of presentations (on your own time, no lectures)

    15.4. -29.4. Student presentations and excerice sessions


    Hele Savin, Ville Vähänissi