Topic outline

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    TOPIC: Power converters and regulators.

    How to do the course:

    1. Presentation with duration of 1x45 minutes on a selected topic. Presentation slides will be delivered to other students.
    2. Homework exercises from each presentation. Student will prepare a homework exercise related to the presentation all other students will do the homework,the student will grade the answers.

    Topics for the presentations:

    1. Buck Converters, Inductor reduction techniques and Charge pump topologies (Pilawa, Ma&Bondade, etc.) 27.03.2019
    2. Switched-capacitor power converters and power loss on Switched-capacitor power converters (Pilawa, Ma&Bondade, etc.) 03.04.2019
    3. Reconfigurable switched-capacitor power converters (Ma&Bondade, etc.) 17.04.2019
    4. Interleaving regulation in switched-capacitor power converters (Ma&Bondade, etc) 24.04.2019
    5. Hybrid SC, soft charging operation (Pilawa, etc.) 08.05.2019
    6. Hybrid SC, resonant operation (Pilawa, etc.) 15.05.2019
    7. Flying capacitor multi-level converters (Pilawa, etc.) 22.05.2019
    8. Wireless power transfer techniques. 29.05.2019

    Kindly mention your selected topics in general discussions so that everybody can be aware of the selections.