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    • The course students implement projects in small groups in the topics of the ARTS and ENG schools. By creative design thinking, the aim is to develop problem-framing as well as problem-solving skills. Personal project management including teamwork and presentation skills are strengthened.

      This year´s ARTS_ENG Project Course „Zero Gravity“ will take place in the amazing spaces at Sähkömiehentie 4F, which are reserved exclusively for our course. So, it is open Monday to Friday the whole day for you to meet and to work on your projects. Please use this unique opportunity.

      You are offered 2 different options to successfully complete the ARTS_ENG Project Course „Zero Gravity“. 
      For both oprtions, please register via weboodi. For option 2, please additionally send an email confirmation to until 11.04.2019, 12.00 latest.

      Option 1. Explore by experimenting.
      Multidisciplinary teams of 7 students will explore the principles of a kinematic structure and creative options for its actuation. Merging the findings with a possible “function” the final project output will present a catalogue of possibilities. Absolutely free in scale, the projects´ lightness and motion in space will overcome gravity.

      Option 2. Explore by full scale, hands-on experience.
      A team of 20 students (all disciplines needed and welcome) will be advised in the principles of kinematics, structures and geometry. Based on our actual research, together with you, we will realize an experimental, kinematic lightweight structure in full scale. If you are interested in learning by doing, if you like to directly link recent research to reality, if you don´t count every single minute of your workload but you feel made for a hands-on approach, you are welcome to join this team.

      Registration Instruction 2019
      • Registration with WebOodi.
      • Registration ends before the course will start, on Wed 10.4.2019 at 23.59.
      • Students will be distributed to the project groups by the teachers.
      • As far as possible, the group will consists students of different disciplines.
      • The first group appointment is in the first week.
      • Attendance at the first group meeting is indispensable.