Osion kuvaus

  • Advanced Remote Sensing

    [Image credit: ESA / Astrium GmbH]

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Earth observation!

    Every point on the Earth will be viewed from space with a spatial resolution better than 1 km every single minute by the year 2020. To make the most of this technological revolution, we must invest in know-how in handling and interpreting the massive data flow. Earth observation (EO), or the gathering of information about our planet’s physical, chemical and biological systems through the analysis electromagnetic data recorded by spaceborne and airborne instruments, is a rapidly growing discipline. In addition, most global environmental issues require global data sets which are only available through satellite instruments. The rapid expansion of the Earth observation sector urgently calls for experts who have sophisticated skills in processing and interpreting the data collected through the missions.

    Teachers: Miina Rautiainen (miina.a.rautiainen@aalto.fi), together with Aarne Hovi, Daniel Schraik and Petri Forsström

    PREREQUISITE: To attend this course, you must have completed either "Photogrammetry, laser scanning and remote sensing" (GIS-E1040) or "Earth observation" (ELEC-E4510).