Topic outline

  • LC-1112 Online Presentation Skills for Engineers, 2 ECTS (o)

    Instructor: Nanna Qvist
    Aalto University Language Centre, Otakaari 1.

    This course is mainly based on working independently and online, with compulsory participation in two face-to-face sessions.

    •  Practice sessions at Otakaari 1, Room xxx, Otaniemi campus. Each student participates in one session only (sign up at Scheduler 1: practice sessions (sign up!)
                                  Thu 9 May, 12.00-14.00 or 15.00-17.00, at Otakaari 1, Room U504.
    • Final presentation conferences at Otakaari 1, xxx. Otaniemi campus. Each student participates in one conference only. (sign up at Scheduler 2: final conferences (sign up!) :
                                   Thu 23 May, 12.00-13.30 or 15.00-16.30, at Otakaari 1, Room U504
    A more detailed schedule for each student will be confirmed later. The final number of practice sessions and conference meetings will depend on the number of course participants.