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    Material for preliminary exam is up to date (Nov 21, 2018)

    Welcome to Mechatronic Machine Design course!

    The course includes preliminary exam, lectures, weekly exercises, laboratory exercises and a project work. The grading, workload estimations etc. can be found in weboodi. The course has no final exam. Lecture quiz, exercises, labs and project work are a part of the grading.

    - Preliminary exam: pass/fail
    - Grade from lecture quiz: weight 20 %, scale 1...5
    - Grade from exercises including lab exercises: weight 50 %, scale 1...5
    - Grade from project work: weight 30 %, scale 1...5

    It is good if you have completed Mechatronics Basics before starting Mechatronic Machine Design course. Passing Mechatronic Machine Design is required prior the subscription in Vehicle Mechatronics course.

    The course will be executed within six weeks without significant time for recap or absence. Please, have your holidays before or after the course. A longer absence during the course leads to failing the course and possibly re-joining next year. Be prepared for the preliminary exam by reading the course material before the course. The material will be published in November, at the latest.

    Please, familiarise yourself with the course content in the table below. This material for preliminary exam follows the course and lecture content. 






    Introduction to the course and background of mechatronics, Mechatronic design process

    Learning / re-cap of Matlab


    Dynamic systems, frequency and time domain analysis

    Laplace transform, Transfer function, Impulse and step responses, Basics of dynamic models

    Preliminary exam deadline

    Release of project work


    Electronics, control

    Operational amplifier circuits, AD & DA conversion, Bode diagram



    Common control topologies, PID controller, Control applications

    Common control topologies, PID controller, Control applications

    Laboratory exercise. NOTE: visiting lecturer from Konecranes confirmed Jan 29 lecture


    Preparing for project work and visit to AIIC crane

    Mechatronic system simulation


    Summary of the course, Students’ reflections: what we learnt, Mutual feedback

     No exercises

    Project work deadline

    NOTE: visiting lecturer from ABB confirmed Feb 12 lecture


    Project work wrap up /gala

    Project work wrap up /gala

    Course finished

    The preliminary exam is graded pass/fail. In order to pass the course, it is required to collect:
    -    50 % of points of the lecture quiz,
    -    50 % of the exercises and laboratory work, and
    -    50 % of the project work maximum points.

    Provided that the preliminary exam and the minimum requirements above have been passed, the grading of the course will be the following:
    -    50 % of the total points: grade 1,
    -    60 %: grade 2
    -    70 %: grade 3
    -    80 %: grade 4, and
    -    90 %: grade 5.


    The preliminary exam will be a multiple choice exam during the 2nd week of the course.
    The lecture quiz deadlines are during the same day with the corresponding lecture. Everyone has the right to answer lecture quiz. Answering the lecture quiz is likely to be easier if you have attended the lectures.
    The exercises will be due before the next lecture.
    The project work will be due by the end of the sixth week.

    If a question remains after reading the course website, use primarily the news forum to ask the question. In this way, everyone gets the same info.

    Course staff and appointments
    Responsible teacher: Assoc. Prof. Kari Tammi
    Assistants: Doctoral Students Klaus Kivekäs & Juuso Autiosalo
    The course staff can be met after lectures. Please, fix the appointment beforehand.