Osion kuvaus

  • This should be accurate, but please ask if something appears in contradiction to expected timetables.

  • In general, there are two lectures each week, Mondays 14:15 - 16:00 and Tuesdays 10:15 - 12:00. 

    Besides actual lecturing, there will also be activities such as discussions, concept questions, and problem solving during the lectures. Do not expect to just come and listen, you will be put to work. Bring books, smart phones, laptops etc. to the lectures - you will need resources.

    Before each lecture you should study the book sections mentioned. This serves several purposes:

    • you can read, so it is a waste if the lectures are only book recitations.
    • as you study the basic concepts yourself, lecture time can be used for deepening the understanding and discussing more advanced topics.
    • reading at your own pace is often a better way to learn than listening to a lecture that proceeds too fast or too slowly.
    • regular studying promotes learning.
    • answering questions guide and motivate the self-study effort.
    • your answers to questions are seen during the lecture and misconceptions are discussed without delay.

    The suggested reading refers to the following book, and to the reading material supplied as PDF here below.

    Mansfield and O'Sullivan, Understanding Physics, 2nd edition, Wiley 2011 

    There are also some useful chapters in the following online, free, books:

    Bolton, J, Lambourne, R.  "The Quantum World: Wave Mechanics"

    Bolton, J, Mackintosh, R.  "The Quantum World:Quantum Mechanics And Its Interpretation"

    Bolton, J, Freake, S. (Eds.)  "The Quantum World: Quantum Mechanics Of Matter"

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    There are exercise sessions in week 17 and 18. Attend the session to which you are registered in Oodi.

    Each exercise set contains 4 problems, including both mathematical and conceptual tasks. Each problem is worth 5 points. The problems are due exactly 7 days after the exercise session. You should try to solve them yourself in advance. The purpose of the exercise session is to help you finish your solutions. You can also discuss the problems on the general discussion forum with other students and the teaching staff. Please note, any exercises that are submitted past the deadline without sufficient cause, will not be accepted so please take care to hand your work in on time.

    The return box is located in the lobby of Nanotalo next to the notice board (Puumiehenkuja 2).

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of the teaching staff or post on MyCourses.