Topic outline

    • Lecture notes and exercises for the course. This document is subject to change over the course duration and the link is always to the latest version.
    • Prof. Fitzpatrick's book. In this course we intend to cover the following chapters:
    • Chapter 1: all included 
    • Chapter 2: all included
    • Chapter 3: 3.1-3.7, 3.11, others not discussed in the lectures but may contain some interesting information, recommended to be read.
    • Chapter 4: 4.1-4.10, rest are additional reading not discussed in this course
    • Chapter 5: 5.1-5.4, rest are additional reading
    • Chapter 6: 6.1-6.5, rest are additional reading
    Other recommended reading:

    Helander: Collisional transport in magnetized plasmas (ask for the book from the course organizers)

    Brizard: Introduction to Lagrangian mechanics