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    Welcome to the Traffic Flow Theory course! 

    About the course

    The course belongs to the elective courses of the Master's Program in Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering. 

    The course is intended for Master's and PhD students and it is offered in English.

    Learning outcomes

    After successful completion of the course, a student is able to:

    • Describe the main characteristics of traffic flow
    • Represent traffic phenomena using different methods and tools
    • Recognise how traffic congestion starts and propagates
    • Select and apply appropriate methods and techniques for analysing traffic-related problems
    • Interpret and elaborate different type of traffic data

    Course content

    The course contents include:

    1. Introduction to Traffic Flow Theory
    2. The time-space diagram
    3. Fundamental variables and cumulative plots
    4. Dynamic microscopic models
    5. Fundamental diagram
    6. Shockwave theory
    7. Dynamic macroscopic models
    8. Highway capacity
    9. Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram (or Network Fundamental Diagram)
    10. Pedestrian flow theory
    11. Future of traffic flow theory

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