Topic outline

  • Teacher

    Natalia Vuori
    email: natalia.vuori(at)


    Course information
     The course prepares the students for conducting scientific research (e.g. Master's thesis).
     This course is primarily for (1) master students in Organizational Design and Leadership AND (2) who are in their final phase of studies before writing their Master’s thesis!
     Course consists of two parts.

    Part 1

    Part 1 provides students with a set of skills and tools for conducting research assignment.

    All information and communication regarding Part 1 takes place in a separate forum hosting all three courses. Link:

    Please notice, that students need to self-enroll to the above mentioned MC-site via the MC-site.

    Part 2

    Part 2 focuses on conducting research assignment (about 81 hours of work). Students are working in groups of 3 students. They are supposed to find and formulate a research theme to be studied with empirical data. The theme is related to, for example, organization design, leadership, entrepreneurship. The research assignment includes: postulating relevant objectives for the research, writing a sound research plan for the research assignment, conducting the empirical study, reporting the findings, and presenting the research in a seminar. In addition to the own empirical research, students will evaluate an empirical study done by another group.

    Learning outcomes

    Students will learn

      –how to formulate feasible research objectives and questions
      –how to plan and design an empirical research
      –how to collect empirical data by e.g. interviews and surveys
      –how analyze empirical data
      –how to apply scientific methods and scientific thinking in problem solving
      –how to report and evaluate scientific research

    Course schedule

       *   Meeting with the teacher to brainstorm topic and get approval for the topic. Send email to natalia.vuori(at) and suggest time meeting.

       ** Voluntary feedback session on report draft beginning of April. Send the draft by email to natalia.vuori(at) and suggest time for the feedback meeting

    Assignments of Part 2

    Instructions for research plan (DL March 4th)

    See Aalto users folder

    Instructions for final research report (DL April 29th)

    See Aalto users folder

    Instructions for seminar presentation (DL May5th)

    See Aalto users folder

    Instructions for evaluating of and writing review  on assigned opponent group's report  (Individual work, DL May 17th)

    The review (500-1000 words) should focus at least the objectives of the research (clarity, ambition, relevance, scope), material and methods (suitability of material and methods, how well applied, why chosen, etc.), results (are the objectives achieved and research questions answered, are the results clear and interesting), discussion. Take a constructive approach in your review:

        Address the strengths of the research

        Address the weaknesses and explain how they could have been avoided

        Give comments how the study could have been improved

    Link for evaluating criteria


    Grading and passing the course

    The final grade is based on:

     – Post-class questions (40 %)
     – Final research report (40 %)
     – Presentation (10%)
     – Review report (10 %)
     – 2 extra points for course feedback


    Maximum points from different assignments is 100 points. 2 additional points can be achieved by giving course feedback.


    Course grades are based on formula:

    49-58 points => 1

    59-68 points => 2

    69-78 points => 3

    79-88 points => 4

    89-102 points => 5