Topic outline

  • If you want to act as the CEO for a team, add you CEO application here. 

    Why would you want to be a CEO? The most interesting and valuable aspect of the CEO role is that you get to choose the participants for your team. The teams will be formed at a "hiring" event at the start of the course and the CEO will hire their team members.

    The second benefit to be a CEO is if you have a business idea that you want pursue during the course. The team in the end decides on the business to develop, but as the CEO you will have a good chance of get your business idea accepted.

    Once the course has started and the teams have been formed, the CEO has more or less the same role and responsibility as the other team members and there will not be a significant additional workload for the CEO.

    The CEO application can only be seen by the course staff, not by the other students. 

    Do not duplicate your CV information in your CEO application. Instead focus on why you would like to be a CEO and what business idea you would like to pursue (if you have one, it is OK to apply for CEO position even though you do not have a clear business idea).