Topic outline

  • General

    Refresher on the business research course description

    The course is mainly dedicated to those students, who don’t have preliminary knowledge of design thinking, customer research, service design. The course provides an overview of design thinking methodology and its toolkit in a very compact and systematic way. Within only two intense lectures and one workshop students will learn core principles of design thinking, the origins of methodology, fields where it is applicable, effective techniques that designers use to solve wicked problems. Besides theory, students will try out the basic instruments of design-thinking, to use them later one to validate their business ideas.

    The course will cover the following areas:

    -         How to define who is your customer;

    -         How to research your customer’s needs;

    -         The logic and techniques of ideation process;

    -         Prototyping and testing methods to validate your solution;

    -         Strategic level of design thinking.

    The course gives priority in registration to students from the Startup Experience course, but students from other programs can also attend it.

    Two lectures and one workshop with personal assignments.

    Passing criteria:

    - Attend all lectures and workshop;

    - Hand in all assignments.

    Grading: pass/fail

    Poster about the role of design thinking made by the student Paavo Leinonen at the end of course.

    Paavo Leinonen's poster