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  • Welcome to Water & Governance course!

    Ever wondered what governance is? Or who are your stakeholders, and what is the difference between organisation and institution? Do you know how law affects water engineering? Or how this all is related to politics and, ultimately, to sustainability?

    Welcome to Water & Governance course! 

    The course is part of our Master's Programme in Water and Environmental Engineering (WAT), and it provides you with an in-depth introduction to broad issue of governance in relation to water management. The course combines the theory of key elements of water governance (introduced through Contact Sessions) with practical case studies, focusing on different governance contexts (presented during Case Study Sessions).

    The course sessions are on Tuesday mornings (9.00-12) and Thursday mornings (9.00-12) during Period III at Lecture Hall 286/287 in Water Building (Tietotie 1E, Otaniemi). Note that the sessions start at 9.00 sharp! Tuesday mornings from 9 to 10 are usually reserved for preparatory Reading Circles. For more information, see 'Sessions & Reading Circles' sub-page on left. 

    The responsible teacher for the course is Senior University Lecturer Marko Keskinen, and Lauri Ahopelto and Amy Fallon act as Course Coordinators. In addition, we'll have a wonderful set of experts as our visiting lecturers. 

    You can send questions about the course to course email: wat-e2080 (at) 

    Welcome to the course!