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    Welcome to Water and People course!

    Schedule and other practicalities

    The course started on Tue 16th of April 2019 at 12:30; see more details in 'Schedule & practicalities' tab on the left. 

    Short description

    Food security and the overall wellbeing of human kind are threatened by the overexploitation of our water and land resources. Water scarcity is not only a threat to people, but also to many of the planet's key ecosystems. But how have we ended up in this situation, and how does the future look like? 

    In this course, the aim is to investigate how the world has changed over time, and how these changes have impacted on our water and land resources. Moreover, as the pressure on natural resources is expected to only grow in the future, an overview on future pathways is given. Within the course, a student will explore and assess these changes using various spatial analyses methods of R, over different global datasets. Moreover, advanced graph and map making is practised with Adobe Illustrator.  

    Please note

    1. Tuesdays' lecture-training sessions are compulsory and student need to attend to minimum five out of six of them, in order to pass the course.

    2. Due to the two public holidays, one lecture will most probably be held on another day, we'll agree on this during the first lecture - see schedule for more details


    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher: