Topic outline

  • Credits and grading

    To earn the credits of the course, you must pass the exam and all exercises. Your overall grade will be determined by the grades of both the exam (60%) and exercises (40%), provided you have passed all.


    All exercises are mandatory. Please follow the deadlines strictly to avoid delays in earning your course credits. Exercises are a mix of reading materials and computer-based exercises. Some exercise sessions are supported (i.e., the lecturer is there). Follow the lecturers' instructions about the type of their exercises and exercise sessions.

    About the GIS part

    If you are taking this course as a part of your minor in Computation and Modelling in Engineering, you should by now be familiar with geospatial data and analysis. In the GIS part of the course, we assume this familiarity. If you need, you can learn or review the basics of geospatial data using the plentiful material available in libraries and online, e.g.: